Phil Gaimon: “That tattoo means that I race clean: no drugs, no doping”

Posted on febrero 20, 2014


phil gaimon

The interview in spanish.

Nacho Barranco Frías – @n_barranco

Tell us, for all the people that have not idea about you, who is Phil Gaimon?

I’m a bike racer from Atlanta, Georgia, currently living in California or Girona, Spain. I went to college for writing, and have a book coming out in the summer, called “Pro Cycling on $10 a Day.”

Before this year, you have never participated in the World Tour. What did you feel when Garmin-Sharp called you?

I was very excited. It was difficult racing in the United States for all those years. There’s very little money, and it’s hard to crack to the upper level. To sign with Garmin-Sharp was a dream come true.

And in your first race, the first won. It should be amazing, no?

Yeah, it doesn’t get any better than that. I was lucky for the breakaway to stay away, but I think my efforts after that proved that I’m ready for WorldTour racing, and I have a good future in Europe.

Did you expect such a high level in the Tour of San Luis?

Definitely not. I planned to work for Tom Danielson. No one expected that San Luis would go so well for me.

How were the races of the Challenge of Mallorca? There was your debut in Europe?

They were hard. Different from the races in the United States, and even San Luis. The courses were more technical, the descents longer, different pavement. It showed that I have a lot to learn about European racing, but I was still able to help my teammates and be part of the race.

And now, in what races will you take part?

Next is three days of West Flanders. After that, maybe Catalunya, and Tour of California.

Gaimon venciendo en San Luis.

Gaimon in San Luis.

What is your goal for the season?

I want to show my value to the team so I can stay a part of Garmin-Sharp, and settle in to life as a professional in Europe.

Will you have freedom in the races or will you work for your teammates?

I will work for my team. I don’t expect to be leader again, since it’s unlikely for an early breakaway like San Luis to repeat itself.

In order to talk more about you. What does it mean for you the green “clean” tattoo in your arm?

That tattoo is a bar of soap, and it means that I race clean: no drugs, no doping. I got it with several other pros in the U.S. a few years ago. We agreed that if anyone dopes, the others will come scrape the tattoo off.

Also in your website we can see some of the best cookies of the USA. Are you an addict of them?

I am a big fan of cookies, yes. But only the best.

And, what do you think about the cookies of Spain?

Hmmm…, I like Spain, but they have work to do in the cookie department. I haven’t found any yet to my liking. I might have to make my own sometimes.

To conclude, what is your favorite race of the World Tour?

The Tour de France, of course! Every pro cyclist wants to do it someday, and I’m no exception.

And your favorite rider?

Tom Danielson. He helped me get onto Garmin-Sharp, helped me earn the result at San Luis, and has taught me a lot. I’m excited to work for him this year to repay him for all the help and education.